In 2014, I retired from teaching, to pursue a fulltime endeavor in exploring ceramics. Since then I attended several workshops at Penland School of Craft and Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts learning more about the ceramic process. I built a home studio in our garage and stated selling my work.

My pottery is for use in the home and is inspired by an appreciation of eating and drinking. When making my pots I think about what foods and drinks we consume in Alaska and how we share our local culinary fare with friends and family. My images reflect Alaska’s beauty, wildlife, and ruggedness. Using my passion for carving and drawing, I create themes that capture Alaska. My surface designs reflect my love for the outdoors; themes include many Alaska’s ecosystems and the local landscape. All my images I hand draw. I am interested in making pieces that people can use and appreciate; I strive to make items that are comfortable to the touch and enjoyable to the eye.